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Push it to the limit

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Exhilarate post
  auffenpuffer, Jun 14 2010

So the point of this post is just to cry about a massive and ridiculous losing day.


pretty much spewed 2 buyins (the QJ hand there being one) tho and made some somewhat borderline plays.

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Poker is fun again!
  auffenpuffer, Feb 18 2010

So it's about time to restart blog!

Happened since the last episode:

I lost a lot last summer and quit playing untill now. I kinda lost the fun and my confidence and since I've been focusing on studies a lot I have not had any spare time for playing either. I'm studying economic and social history which is amazingly fun and cool subject. Did you know that in 1600th century it was commonplace amusement to burn kittens alive? Torturing cats in many imaginative ways was in general considered good sport. You certainly did not know that Eric (or who the fuck, they are all Erics or something like that) the king of Denmark in 17th century used to spend more time in one lowclass pub than with politics. His favourite whore in the pub was called "Boot-Maija". Apart from history I've read science and technology studies and philosophy of science quite a bit.

When I restarted poker a month ago, I did very badly at nl20, did not find any fun in it and played very little. Now however I refound my love for sngs as I discovered that entrance has enough action to keep me at least 6 - 8 tabling (I couldnt play more anyway since I'm getting used to ICM play again). Now I have a solid plan: play SNG untill roll is healthy for nl50 playing, and if cash games still won't feel fun at that point just keep with sngs. Ah really a relief to find that I can still enjoy poker.

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lost my mojo
  auffenpuffer, Jul 14 2009


down on like 60k hands. Not because I would be running so bad (partly that too tho) but because I just play so fucking bad. Unreal how fucking terrible I can be. I mean its like I'm on megatilt all the time. god. I know very well that Iam just doing monkey crap and so on but my play seems just out of control. Well cashed out 2,6k and forgot about moving to nl200, I think I'll have a break and then utilize the "myth-method" of starting from nl10 and then not moving up untill I have made 10 buyins on each level.

Other than that, life is probably better than ever. Its summer (which after finnish winter is so awesome), and I was just accepted to study economic- and socialhistory, which is even more awesome. For most readers its probably sounds silly that I'm so happy about starting my studies, but finnish university system is quite unlike US or France or whatever: studying doesnt cost anything, and one has to qualify throught a selection exam. 2,5 months of studying (i now know the table of contents of "human web: a bird eye view of history" by heart) luckily did pay off, and I was well in the top 12% accepted in

but yeah, definately time to get my shit together

oh and if someone (preferably > nl50 user) wants to talk pokers and so on feel free to add risto98 (at)

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